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New product G600! Microscope, power supply, data line, multi functional support, user’s manual.

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New product G600! Microscope, power supply, data line, multi functional support, user’s manual.
Update Time:2018-09-07

Portable LCD Digital Microscope




Main parameters:

1: Pixel: HD 3 .6MP CCD

2: Display: 4.3 inches HD OLED display.

4: Magnification: 1-600X continuous magnification system.

5: Object distance: 15mm-- infinity 

6: With built-in lithium battery, Continuous working for 6 hours .

7: Languages: English, Spanish, Russian, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Portuguese, German, French, Italy, Turkey, Czech, Poland, Traditional Chinese, simplified Chinese.


The High-capacity lithium battery needs about 4 hours to be full charged.When it ‘s charging,the display will show pastedGraphic_3.png,when it’s full charged, the display will show pastedGraphic_4.png


pastedGraphic_6.png: Power On/Off

Press it once to turn on,press once again to turn off.

pastedGraphic_7.pngFunction setting key:

1. Resolution: 1080P, 720P, VGA

2. Date Tag: Displayed /Not displayed

3. Motion Detection: ON/OFF (When it’s on it will start to record a video automatically , as soon as detecting something’s moving .)

4. Cyclic Record : off /3 minutes /5 minutes /10 minutes.

In the memory card is full, it will delete the first video and save the new video automatically.

5. Exposure value: +2.0 (0) -2.0

6. Format: Yse / NO

7. Language:  16 kinds of languages

8. Automatic shutdown: off, 1 minutes, 3 minutes,

9. Automatic turn off the LCD : off, 1,3,5 minutes

10. Factory Reset:Yes / No

11. Light source’s frequency: 50HZ, 60HZ

12. Time setting: year, month, day, hours, minutes, seconds

13. Image rotating on / off

14. Light: on / off

15. Software version: V1.10

Mode button:

1Recording Video mode:

2Taking Photos mode: (5M, 2M, 1.3M, VGA) press “OK” button for taking photos

3Playback mode: delete, lock / unlock

pastedGraphic_8.png pastedGraphic_9.png pastedGraphic_10.png

Left button, right button, OK button (photo / video, open key)


1: Power DC interface (5P MINI).

2: Memory card’s socket (Micro SD), supporting 1-64GB.

3: Brightness Adjust button

4: REST button, restore the system.(If the machine can not work, please press the button with sharp objects to restart it.) 

5: Fast loading 4 holes’ bayonet, push the bracket’s 4 claws into the bayonet,hearing ”ka” once,it says the assemble is finished .

6: High brightness 8 LEDs, available for up to 100 thousand hours.

Intelligent universal support



The intelligent universal support is super light and powerful, can be adsorbed on the surface of glass/ceramic/marble/plastic board and others.

     The silicone sucker will not leave marks on any surface.after long-term using, it can be cleaned by water when there’s dust on the surface.

The closest distance of  microscope and the goal is 15mm, the magnifying time is the maximum , the magnifying time will be smaller as the distance increasing .


Accessories icon:


Microscope, power supply, data line, multi functional support, user’s manual.